The Dr. Hauschka Awards 2023

We asked you to vote for your favourite products and here they are, the Dr. Hauschka Award Winners for 2023…

Favourite Cleanser: Soothing Cleansing Milk

It’s no surprise you chose our best-selling cleanser as your favourite for a second year running. An everyday essential that removes make-up and impurities gently, but effectively.

Runner Up: Cleansing Cream

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Favourite Moisturiser: Rose Day Cream

Caring for complexions since 1967, this iconic product offers rich, nourishing care to all skin conditions - resulting in perfectly balanced and radiant skin.

Runner Up: Apricot Day Cream

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Favourite Mask: Hydrating Cream Mask

This mask provides more than just a moisture boost, its nourishing formula provides intensive care for dry, sensitive skin leaving a soft and smooth complexion.

Runner Up: Revitalising Mask

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Favourite Body Care Product: Rose Nurturing Body Oil

An essential element in your luxurious body care routine, its nourishing care leaves skin soft and smooth, while restoring harmony and strength to the mind and body.

Runner Up: Hydrating Hand Cream

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Favourite Regenerating Product: Regenerating Serum

The perfect product to revitalise and strengthen mature skin. It leaves skin looking and feeling noticeably smoother and firmer, all while supporting the skins natural regenerative functions.

Runner Up: Regenerating Day Cream

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Favourite Hand Care Product: Hydrating Hand Cream

A best-seller for a reason, coming in for a second award, its intensive formula uses blackthorn and anthyllis as well as beeswax and wheat germ oil to preserve moisture and create noticeable smoothness.

Runner Up: Regenerating Hand Cream

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Favourite Bath Essence: Rose Nurturing Bath Essence

The perfect pamper product. This fragrant bath essence not only harmonises and strengthens the skin while restoring moisture, but it soothes the soul, combatting both physical and emotional strain.

Runner Up: Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence

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Favourite Hair Care Product: Shampoo

This gentle but effective silicone-free shampoo cleanses and moisturises the scalp and hair, all while being water neutral making it a must in sustainable hair care.

Runner Up: Hair Oil

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Favourite Make-up Product: Illuminating Fluid

A returning icon product, this versatile liquid highlighter creates a unique glow, from subtle to intensely luminous, leaving naturally radiant looking skin.

Runner Up: Defining Mascara

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Favourite Newcomer: Apricot Day Cream

New in 2023, this radiance boosting moisturiser has become a new favourite for many, with its vitamin rich formula that leaves skin hydrated while protecting the skins natural moisture barrier.

Runner Up: Cleansing Balm

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Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream - nourishes, renews and protects. Hydrating Hand Cream 50 ml
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Dr. Hauschka Shampoo – silicone-free, cleanses and moisturises really gently Shampoo 150 ml
gentle cleansing for hair and scalp 
Apricot Day Cream – contains apricot kernel oil for a natural glow Apricot Day Cream 30 ml
nourishes and revitalises to bring radiance to dry, dull skin