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Discover New Dr. Hauschka Apricot Day Cream

Our latest innovation in 100% natural skin care, Apricot Day Cream is the perfect solution to bring radiance back to dull, dry and very dry skin conditions.

Bring your skin back to radiance 

If you’re skin condition is dry and dull, Apricot Day Cream has been formulated for you. This brand new addition to our range of day creams is the answer to restoring radiance, hydration and nourishment back into your skin. 

The vitamin-rich ingredients hydrate and refresh while essential fatty acids protect the skin’s barrier. This new addition to our range of day creams is expertly formulated with organic avocado oil, apricot kernel oil and marigold extract to support with skin vitality and promote a healthy, hydrated and radiant complexion. 

Expert Formulation 

We have over 50 years’ experience creating industry leading formulas with the highest quality 100% natural ingredients, which are both good for your skin and good for the planet. We have on this experience expertise to create the innovative formula for Apricot Day Cream 

Discover the key ingredients behind our new radiance-boosting moisturiser…

1. Organic Apricot Kernel Oil

Naturally rich in Vitamin A, this complexion boosting ingredient works to hydrate dull, dry skin while encouraging collagen production and improving overall elasticity.

2. Organic Avocado Oil:

Enriched with skin supporting ingredients including Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, this moisture rich oil helps to strengthen and protect the skins protective barrier helping to repel external impurities and influences. 

3. Fermented Grain Extract:

A precious ingredient sourced a stone’s throw from our Head Office in Germany, its active properties help to support the natural balance of your skin and ensure moisture and radiance is maintained. 

Ethical Sourcing 

At Dr. Hauschka we are dedicated to sourcing our ingredients with people in mind. We actively invest in partnerships with our global suppliers to build help a collaborative community around the world. 

'As close as possible, as far as necessary' 

A message we live by at Dr. Hauschka. We strive to source as many of our ingredients locally, however, for those plant species that thrive in warmer climates we build sustainable relationships with our sourcing partners overseas.

We have applied this same principle to Apricot Day Cream, with organic apricot kernel oil and organic apricot pulp extract coming from our long-standing partnerships with smallholders is Turkey and Pakistan and fermented grain extract coming from a local partner located a stone’s throw from our Head Office in Germany. 

Apricot as the inspiration  

When our expert in-house perfumers started formulating the fragrance for Apricot Day Cream, they analysed the characteristics of the key ingredient. Apricot’s texture, scent and velvety outer layer were all qualities that inspired the final formulation of the product. 

Apricot comes from the same family as the rose, explaining the rose undertones in the scent. The floral notes in Apricot Day Cream are the same as those found in yellow and white roses, explaining the comforting and strengthening scent which also accompanies Rose Day Cream. 

Alongside the rose undertone, Apricot Day Cream has hints of orange. A scent which is known for its comforting and calming abilities while being vibrant and uplifting. These characteristics compliment the lightness of the product and support its ability to bring radiance back to the skin. 

When applying Apricot Day Cream you can truly experience the full spectrum of effects, enjoy how the carefully formulated fragrance supports the hydrating, refreshing and radiance-boosting qualities of this moisturiser. 

Is your skin dull and dry?

If yes, your skin may have trouble retaining natural oil and moisture production and may need a little extra care. Our Apricot Day Cream is the perfect addition to your skin care routine to restore radiance, hydration and promote a velvety soft complexion. 

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