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Holistic dental care

Your teeth deserve care that can do more than just clean them. Care that understands about oral health, strengthens the gums and thinks along the lines of homeopathic treatments. Dr. Hauschka MED dental care products do just that.

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Natural dental care from Dr. Hauschka MED: Mint Refreshing Toothpaste Mint Refreshing Toothpaste
  • thoroughly removes plaque
  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • helps stabilise the oral flora
  • provides fresh breath
Content 75 ml
£6.50 *
Dr. Hauschka Sage Mouthwash: prevents gum inflammation Sage Mouthwash
  • supports teeth cleaning
  • prevents inflammation
  • strengthens gums
  • provides fresh breath
Content 300 ml
£12.00 *
Dr. Hauschka Saltwater Toothpaste sensitive: gentle, menthol-free toothpaste Saltwater Sensitive Toothpaste
  • for teeth sensitive to pain
  • provides gentle cleaning
  • prevents bleeding gums
  • suitable for use with homeopathic treatments
Content 75 ml
£6.50 *
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Naturally effective dental care products

Dr. Hauschka MED dental care products are designed to not only clean the teeth but also strengthen the gums and oral mucosa, as well as to stabilise the oral flora. Medicinal plant extracts, natural essential oils and mineral abrasives are at the heart of all our dental products. In cooperation with doctors and pharmacists, these have been combined in our research laboratories to create effective formulations. The holistic effect on people is the key focus when selecting ingredients.

For comprehensive cleaning and dental care

We offer two toothpastes to meet different dental care needs: our Fortifying Mint Toothpaste combines extensive cleaning and oral care with long-lasting freshness for the breath. It is the perfect everyday toothpaste for all teeth types. We have also specially developed our Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This cleans the teeth gently yet thoroughly and strengthens the gums. We have deliberately omitted the cooling effect of peppermint and menthol so as not to irritate sensitive teeth. Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste is therefore also suitable for use during homeopathic treatments. You can combine both toothpastes with our ready-to-use Sage Mouthwash. This continues the cleaning and dental care in areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach. All Dr. Hauschka MED dental care products are free from added surfactants and fluorides.

The medicinal plants in our dental care products

When developing our dental care products, we select medicinal plants that offer outstanding properties for the mouth. For example, compositions with sage soothe and strengthen the oral mucosa, while dental care products with horse chestnut stabilise the gums. Although we value all of our ingredients, we believe that it is only their interaction in a unique composition that gives them such high quality. The good effectiveness and tolerability of all Dr. Hauschka MED dental care products have been confirmed by clinical tests.