Hair Care

The secret to beautiful hair.

Volume and shine? Silkiness and strength? What do you want for your hair? Our hair care products are applied to the scalp and strengthen your hair right through to the tips. They lay the foundations for naturally beautiful hair.

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Dr. Hauschka Conditioner, silicone-free natural cosmetics Conditioner
  • protects and nourishes
  • for shine and tangle-free hair
  • silicone-free conditioner
  • for all hair types
Content 150 ml
£20.50 *
Dr. Hauschka Hair Oil: 100% organic natural cosmetics - Strengthening Hair Treatment
Hair Oil
  • intensive and effective hair oil
  • provides vitality and strength
  • suitable for irritated scalps
  • for dry, brittle, dull hair
Content 75 ml
£19.50 *
Dr. Hauschka Hair Tonic: Fortifying hair treatment Hair Tonic
  • non-oily hair tonic
  • tones the scalp
  • normalises oil production
  • volume and strength for all hair types
Content 100 ml
£19.00 *
Dr. Hauschka Shampoo Shampoo
  • cleanses and moisturises really gently
  • with high-quality apricot kernel oil and extracts
  • a silicone-free shampoo
  • for all hair types and scalp
Content 150 ml
£19.50 *
Dr. Hauschka Silk Body Powder Silk Body Powder
  • talc-free body powder
  • lightly deodorising
  • soothes itching
  • highly versatile
Content 50 g
£22.50 *
Further information

Cleanse, moisturise, tone – these three words also apply to our hair care range.

You will see the same steps that characterise our skin care range in our Dr. Hauschka hair care line – cleanse, moisturise, tone. Dr. Hauschka Shampoo is the perfect start. It cleanses very mildly and prepares your hair for the next steps in your hair care routine. Our Conditioner provides all-round protection and noticeably moisturises. And to strengthen your scalp and hair, we offer you two alternative products: our non-oily Hair Tonic and our Hair Oil. The whole Dr. Hauschka hair care range is designed to work in harmony so that the effects of each individual product overlap. However, depending on the type, length and condition of your hair, you can use the hair care products individually.

Beautiful hair is healthy hair.

Our hair care range has a holistic design. It starts at the scalp where every single hair is formed. By providing solid foundations for healthy hair growth, at the same time we create the prerequisite for beautiful hair. What’s more, our hair care range also provides protection right from the start. During its two to seven-year lifespan, a strand of hair is subjected to a great deal of stress factors: hairdryers, dyes, chlorine water, the sun and other environmental influences can drain the vitality out of your hair. To prevent it from becoming dull, dry and split, it needs hair care products that gently cleanse, strengthen and protect.

Our hair care products are certified natural cosmetics.

Dr. Hauschka’s hair care range – like all our product ranges – is made up of certified natural cosmetics. Among other extracts, our compositions contain neem, rosemary, and quince. We have specially created a protein-rich chickpea extract for our Shampoo and Conditioner, which makes your hair easier to style and feeling great. It goes without saying that our Hair Oil, Hair Tonic, Conditioner and Shampoo contain no silicone whatsoever.

Hair care tips from our Dr. Hauschka advisors.

Our hair care products are extremely versatile: you can use Dr. Hauschka Hair Tonic not only as your favourite Hair Tonic, but also as blow dry lotion. And our Silk Body Powder from our body care range is great used as dry Shampoo. You can also use this airy powder after blow-drying to prevent flyaway hair and to style it more easily – simply put a little in your hands and then smooth over your hair. You will find these tips and many more for beautiful, healthy hair in the Dr. Hauschka online advice forum.

Daily brushing is also part of the hair care routine.

By brushing your hair, not only do you style it, but you also give your scalp a massage. What’s more, brushing distributes the natural oil in your hair from the roots to the tips, allowing the scalp to breathe and making your hair feel light and airy. Allow yourself some you time and use your evening hair care routine as a ritual to brush out the stresses of everyday life.