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Two-tone blusher - Dr. Hauschka Blush Duo Blush Duo
  • two-tone blusher
  • models the face
  • contains mineral pigments
  • comes in 3 colour palettes
Content 5,7 g
Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition - Blush Duo 04 Blush Duo 04
  • Limited Edition Natural Spirit
  • Blush powder in two colours
  • Frames the face
  • With mineral pigments
Content 8 g
Dr. Hauschka Bronzing Powder Bronzing Powder
  • ultra-fine powder
  • for a translucent bronze shimmer
  • also great for contouring
  • suitable for all skin tones
Content 10 g
Dr. Hauschka Colour Correcting Powder Colour Correcting Powder
  • reduces redness
  • brightens dark shadows
  • provides a fresh complexion
  • suitable for all skin tones
Content 8 g
Dr. Hauschka Compact Powder Compact Powder
  • naturally reduces shine
  • evens the complexion
  • ideal for touch-ups
  • in 3 natural skin tones
Content 8 g
Dr. Hauschka Make-up Concealer natural cosmetics
  • covers and conceals
  • precise application
  • ideal for minor corrections
  • in 3 natural skin tones
Content 2,5 ml
Dr. Hauschka Foundation natural cosmetics
  • provides light to medium coverage
  • nourishes and protects the skin
  • contains medicinal plant extracts and mineral pigments
  • in 7 natural skin tones
Content 30 ml
Loose Powder from Dr. Hauschka Loose Powder
  • light, extra-fine powder
  • delicately fixes your make-up
  • reduces oily shine
  • transparent and nourishing
Content 12 g

A radiant complexion? It’s all about balance.

Whether you want to freshen up, cover blemishes or get ready for the spotlight, Dr. Hauschka’s Foundation, Concealer and powders make sure you always have an even, balanced complexion.

Skin care for a radiant complexion.

A beautiful complexion doesn’t require much: Apply a touch of Concealer or Foundation to even out redness, pigment spots, slight blemishes and shadows, follow with a little powder to reduce shine, and you’re ready for a radiant start to the day. All Dr. Hauschka products feel light and airy on the skin and help you achieve a naturally balanced complexion. Rather than concealing, our make-up highlights your personality and lets it shine.

Natural cosmetics for a beautiful complexion.

Dr. Hauschka Make-up combines beauty with care and nourishment. Precious waxes and oils protect your skin from environmental influences and help it to retain moisture. Extracts of medicinal plants such as anthyllis, witch hazel, pomegranate and sage provide important stimuli. Silk powder leaves skin feeling velvety soft and mineral pigments add natural colour. Wherever possible, our ingredients are sourced from organic cultivation or are harvested in the wild under controlled conditions. We grow around 150 medicinal plants in our medicinal herb garden and on our farm – both of which are managed in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Demeter organisation.

A step-by-step guide to the perfect look.

A radiant complexion is the basis for any make-up look. Start by applying your day care product and then work with Dr. Hauschka Foundation and Concealer, which come in a variety of shades that naturally blend with your skin tone. If necessary, apply some powder on top to reduce shine. You can also simply apply the Compact Powder or Colour Correcting Powder in place of the Foundation to achieve an even complexion. Finally, use the Bronzing Powder or Blush Duo to highlight and contour. To fix your make-up, or to freshen it up throughout the day, we recommend applying our Loose Powder.

A beautiful complexion sets the stage for your eye and lip make-up to shine. Get some inspiration from the looks developed by our make-up artists.

Our certified natural cosmetics are very well tolerated by the skin. This means you can use Dr. Hauschka Make-up even on sensitive skin. Our products provide every skin condition with the support it needs.