We care for hair, too
Dr. Hauschka hair care

“Your hair’s so shiny!” – a compliment we love to hear. We often relate our personality and our wellbeing to our hair – something that we especially notice on a bad hair day. Healthy hair starts at the scalp. It is part of the human organism as a whole and so human beings express themselves through their scalp and into their hair. Dr. Hauschka’s hair care range helps by harmonising, strengthening and revitalising. To do this, our hair care concept sets to work where sustainably beautiful hair originates: at the scalp.

The Dr. Hauschka hair care products take into account the scalp’s demands, nourishing it with 100% nature. They activate the scalp and give your hair a soft sheen and natural body. For all hair types, silicone free.

Effective medicinal plant power

Our skin care products contain no mineral oils, silicones, PEGs or synthetic preservatives. Only 100% natural raw ingredients. An important medicinal plant extract that can be found in all of the compositions of our hair care range is, for example, neem. The neem tree grows to up to 40 metres high and its root system reaches twice that distance into the earth. Stability, resilience and vitality are the properties that it brings to our hair products, supporting the roots of the hair. Another important plant in our hair care line is rosemary. With its warm essence, it activates metabolic processes and so provides protection from the influences of our modern world.



Dr. Hauschka hair care products




The Shampoo cleanses very mildly and prepares your hair for the next steps in your hair care routine. Dr. Hauschka Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and for everyday use. It will envelop you in its fresh scent of lemon, bergamot and spearmint.


A hair care line for all hair types

We also have a great range of products to care for your hair. Thanks to the ability to mix and match the four preparations and their frequency of use, our hair care line can be applied to all hair types. See Dr. Hauschka hair care plan.


Cleanse, moisturise, tone – these three words also apply to our hair care regime

Like our face and body care products, our hair care range also uses the power of medicinal plants. You will see the same steps that characterise our skin care range in our Dr. Hauschka hair care line – cleanse, moisturise, tone – for sustainably beautiful hair.



Dr. Hauschka Conditioner moisturises and protects, giving your hair silkiness and shine. There is also a hint of these nourishing aspects in the scent of the Conditioner, which is infused with white vanilla blossom, coconut and ylang ylang. Our silicone-free Conditioner is suitable for all hair types, especially long, damaged, dry or dull hair, as well as for split ends.


As a strengthening element, our non-oily Hair Tonic activates and regulates your scalp. Its refreshing, invigorating nature is emphasised by its aromatic herbal fragrance.

Our Hair Oil tones and regulates your scalp – whether dry or oily. Its scent is characterised by essential rosemary oil. This silicone-free Hair Oil is particularly suitable for dull, dry, brittle, coloured or permed hair.


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Why rosemary, neem and chickpeas have been adopted into the Dr. Hauschka hair care range – Marie Calas, Group Leader for Dr. Hauschka Galenic Development, talks about the essences of these plants.