Essential everyday skin care for the morning
The perfect skin care start to the day.

Your skin works hard both day and night to protect and restore itself, making a morning skin care routine essential to prepare skin for the challenges of the day. With just a little care and attention, your skin is left visibly refreshed and radiant. Our three-step essential skin care routine is perfect for both day and night.

When we talk about “essential care”, we mean skin care for every day, every phase of life and every season. Dr. Hauschka’s 100% natural products allow you to develop your very own skin care routine – helping you achieve balance in both your skin and your life. The three steps of cleansing, toning and either moisturising or vitalising form a thread that run through our entire day and night care range.

But the most important element is you, because the more consciously and joyfully you perform these steps, the more effective they are.



Step 2: Tone and activate.

Your skin is now perfectly prepped to receive strengthening impulses. And that’s where our toners come in. Every Dr. Hauschka toner contains a specific formulation of medicinal plant extracts. Simply spray onto the face, press in and enjoy.


Step 3: Moisturise and protect.

Now it's time to apply a cream, oil or lotion. There are a variety of daytime skin care products to choose between – and the right one will depend on the needs of your skin. Dr. Hauschka has its own ranges for skin that requires extra special care such as the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating range for mature skin.

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Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner
Facial Toner
Content 100 ml
£27.00 *


Find the skin care that’s right for you.

Not sure which products are right for you and your skin? Our online skin test can help. We also have an online advice portal that provides further information and answers frequently asked questions. And you can try out Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products by ordering sample sizes alongside enjoying three free sachets when you spend £35 or more in or online shop.


The final touch: our Make-up is skin care in colour.

Maybe you want to add a fourth step to your morning routine and really highlight your beautifully nourished complexion? Dr. Hauschka Make-up follows on seamlessly from the three-step essential care routine and is also full of precious medicinal plant extracts, oils and waxes. Because we believe that inner and outer beauty go hand in hand, and that a bright red Lipstick, for example, should not only emphasise your lips, but also care for them. In other words, Dr. Hauschka Make-up is skin care in colour. And, like all our formulations, our Make-up products are certified natural skin care.


Bring even more beauty to your day.

  • Dr. Hauschka treatments: the art of touch.
    Have you ever indulged in a Dr. Hauschka treatment? Our trained estheticians are waiting to take you on a journey into the world of skin care. The Classic Treatment begins with a foot bath. Your skin is then stimulated with gentle brush strokes before being intensively cleansed and nourished. Enjoy the feeling of total relaxation.  

  • Our intensive products: an effective addition to essential skin care.
    Sometimes your skin requires more than basic care. For skin under stress, reach for our face masks and intensive treatments and conditioners to help guide it back to balance. Take your pick from products for different skin conditions and phases of life. 

  • Essential skin care for your body: nourished from head to toe.
    Complete your daily self-care ritual with Dr. Hauschka’s body care range. Because facial care and body care are one and the same: holistic skin care routines connect the body and mind, resulting in facial skin that looks and feels radiant and nourished.



Step 1: Cleanse.

Cleansing should form the first step of every skin care routine. After all, your skin has worked hard all night and metabolic products have built up on the surface as a result. A good facial cleanse removes these metabolites without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier function.

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