Rose Nurturing Body Oil

harmonises and protects

An oil for life: Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil.

No one is too old or too young for this precious rose oil. Even baby’s skin can enjoy the nourishment and strengthening impulses provided by our Rose Nurturing Body Oil, which makes it perfect for baby massages. Its particularly balancing composition also combats anxiety and mental exhaustion. This really is an oil for life. Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil contains an oil extract as well as essential oil from the petals of organically cultivated roses.

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Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil
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Promote a sense of balance and wellbeing with this delicate, nourishing body oil. Rose Nurturing Body Oil with extracts of damask roses and rose essential oil soothes, calms and protects sensitive skin. Jojoba oil maintains moisture for silky, supple skin. The soft rose scent soothes the senses. Formulation: Damascene roses are combined with sunflower oil and carefully blended using unique rhythmic processing methods to allow the skin-balancing properties of the rose to be transferred to the oil.


Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Extract, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Parfum*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Linalool*, Citral*, Eugenol*, Farnesol*, Limonene*.

*from natural essential oils



Apply evenly and massage into skin. Applying to moist skin after bathing or showering provides the most effective absorption.

Additional support: We also recommend Rose Nurturing Bath Essence and Rose Nurturing Body Cream.


An ideal choice for a luxurious massage. Perfect for sealing moisture into skin following baby’s bath or for use in infant massage.

  • 100% CO₂-neutral operations at our head office in Eckwalden, with all unavoidable CO2 emissions offset through atmosfair.
  • More than 90% of our plant-based raw materials are organically cultivated. Genuine, strictly certified organic farming allows us to protect our waters, helps strengthen the fertility of the soil and supports biodiversity.
  • 70% of our fresh plants are regionally sourced, meaning the short transport distances are better for both the quality of the raw materials and the environment.
  • Good for the skin, good for the world: We are invest in raw materials partnerships all around the world, providing interest-free loans and enabling local farmers to pay fair wages.
  • Our packaging goals: 1. Product protection; 2. Material savings; 3. Recyclability; 4. Use of recycled materials.


Packaging materials and recycling code.

Secondary packaging.
Folding box. Made from 100% recyclable material from sustainable forestry (FSC). Conversion to 100% recycled material (FSC) is underway.

Package insert.
Paper. 100% recycled material. Blue Angel-certified.

Aluminium/plastic (lotion pump and pump spray in platinum).

Plastic/steel (pump spray in white).

Plastic. Intensive treatments caps: Conversion to 95% recycled material (PCR) is underway.

Primary packaging.
Glass. Conversion to glass with at least 30% recycled material (PCR) is in the planning stages.


General recycling information.

  • Do not forget to rinse out packaging like bottles, containers and tubes.
  • Unscrew/remove the lid/seal.
  • Enter all packaging components into the designated recyclable materials cycle – i.e., glass in the glass bin, paper and cardboard in the paper bin, and plastic, pumps, metal and composite materials in the recyclable waste bin.

More on the topic of packaging.

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13 Ratings & experiences
November 2023

Calming Oil

First time to buy this and no regrets!! I love the smell and the texture it gives to my skin plus the calming effect it gives me.

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September 2023

Long time favourite!

Buying it for my daughter since she was a baby. Grateful to people who devoted to produce a really natural and effective body care

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September 2023

Beautiful scent

Rose is my favourite of the body oil range because I really enjoy the scent. I’d happily buy larger quantities of this if they were available. Love to use it right out of the shower before I’ve dried off - my skin feels soft and healthy and looks great

Was this review helpful?

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July 2023

A wonderful smelling and nourishing body oil

The Rose Body Oil is always part of my body care routine, not just aesthetically but for the holistic feeling of calm and well being it gives me. It smells wonderful, is nourishing and quickly absorbed.

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June 2023

Beautiful scent

I use this oil every day because it’s very pure, rose-scented and keeps my skin supple

Was this review helpful?

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April 2023

Love Dr Hauschkas Rose Body Oil

I have bought Dr Hauschkas Rose Body Oil many times and keep coming back as nothing else feels or smells quite as good. I find I use this product up quicker than a lot of the other Dr Hauschka essentials I buy - so I’d happily buy this in a larger size if that’s ever possible

Was this review helpful?

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April 2023

Beautiful to use

I use Rose Nurturing Body Oil mostly on my arms and legs. It is absorbed quickly and smells wonderful. I like it so much I keep giving it to friends.

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September 2022

Favorite brand

I always liked Dr Hauschka products. Rose oil is complements the other body products that use. I like the fragrance and the consistency.

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June 2022

Very safe, soothing and calming. A great "rescue" oil

This oil comes into its own when I have skin reactions. I get these rarely nowadays, but once in a while I come into contact with a chemical that triggers an allergic response. I have found that this oil helps with those situations. It's safe enough for baby, and it is safe enough for me. I'd recommend this oil to anyone who has sensitive, delicate skin.

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August 2020

Absolute luxury.

This oil is gorgeous. The ingredients are top quality and the oil is just so lovely on my skin. It was a treat for myself and like all Dr Hauschka products the results are noticeable and the experience of using them is a tonic to the soul. Thank you.

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July 2018

Rose Nurturing Oil

I purchased this as a birthday present for my future
daughter in law and she was really delighted with the
Product and the wonderful fragrance.

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June 2018


This product is easy to apply and absorbs very well. It leaves my skin soft and with the nice smell of roses. Highly recommended. Thank you for this product.

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June 2017

Pure indulgence!!

This body oil is absolutely delicious!! A wonderful luxurious product!

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