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Celebrate Christmas with Dr. Hauschka

This year’s Winter Gift Set Collection brings together a selection of our best known products, consciously wrapped within sustainably produced packaging to create treasured gifts for every skin care enthusiast.

Our 2023 Christmas Concept


This year’s collection of Dr. Haushcka Gift Sets embodies our brand ethos of “as close as possible, as far as necessary”. The packaging for the gift sets was produced within 50 miles of our UK warehouse, through a carbon-balanced print production company that is committed to being kind to the environment. From the low-energy print press used during production to the hand assembling of the sets by our very own logistics team, the resources used have been kept to a minimum. In a further sustainable step, the packaging is printed on 100% chlorine and acid free paper sourced from FSC certified forests.



A Gift to be Treasured

The lifecycle of each gift set extends beyond the simple act of giving. They can each be repurposed, with the considered design allowing the boxes to be reused as a tissue box, make-up brush holder or special place to store hand-written notes and precious thoughts.


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Which Gift Set will you choose this Festive season?


The Regenerating Skin Care Concept (worth £140)

Online Exclusive 

An excellent way to discover our award-winning Regenerating products. Regenerating Day Cream, Regenerating Serum and Regenerating Hand Cream all harness the powers of 100% natural, medicinal standard formulas to provide mature skin with optimal care and protection.

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2023 Advent Calendar (worth £133)

As seen in Glamour magazine, our luxury advent calendar is filled with 23 individually wrapped, travel-size treasures including best-sellers, new launches, and a full size Hydrating Cream Mask, waiting for you on Day 24. It is a gift that will last you long after December has come to a close.

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The Three Step Skin Care Concept (worth £50)

At Dr. Hauschka, our complete skin care concept is based upon three simple steps to help you achieve your best skin overtime. The Three Step Skin Care Concept brings together our essential products to cleanse, tone and moisturise your complexion to a state of complete calm and balance. Each one includes a full size Rose Day Cream, plus a Soothing Cleansing Milk 30ml and Facial Toner 30ml.

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The Daily Cleansing Concept (worth £42)

Cleansing contributes to over 70% of your overall skin health. Our Daily Cleansing Concept includes the essential components for an effective cleansing routine. Each gift set includes a full size Soothing Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Balm 30ml and a reusable cosmetic sponge to nourish, hydrate and protect and leave your complexion calm and visibly restored.

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The Complete Rose Body Care Concept (worth £40)

Rose is one of our most cherished skin care ingredients, appearing in over 90% of our product range. A true hero, it takes centre stage within this gift set, as it includes three empowering body care essentials: Rose Nurturing Bath Essence, Rose Nurturing Body Cream and Hydrating Hand Cream to harmonise, strengthen and protect all skin conditions.

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The Winter Warming Bath Duo (Free Limited Edition Soap)

Winter is the season when our bodies crave warmth and comfort. This versatile gift set includes our seasonal favourite Spruce Warming Bath Essence and a sustainable Winter Soap, to create a powerful bath time duo that will relax your mind while effectively cleansing and moisturising the skin.

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Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one this Christmas, our collection of 100% natural skin care favourites make the perfect treasured gift this festive season. 

Which one will you choose?