“All of this is edible,” Kambhu explains, pointing to an array of green, yellow, and purple foliage alongside the path. Everything she collects will be taken immediately to restaurant Kin Dee for use this evening. Dalad is the head chef in the Michelin starred restaurant where she works with an all-female team. Read the full feature. Link in bio. "All das ist essbar," erklärt Dalad Kambhu, während sie auf einen Bereich mit grünen, gelben und violetten Pflanzen entlang des Weges zeigt. Alles, was sie sammelt, bringt sie direkt zum Restaurant Kin Dee , wo es noch am Abend verarbeitet wird. Dort ist sie Chefköchin eines rein weiblichen Teams und legt Wert auf frische, unverarbeitete Zutaten.
@friendsoffriends met up with Berlin-based, Michelin star chef Dalad Kambhu to talk about connecting to nature, beauty rituals, and staying true to oneself. Read the full feature via the link in bio.
Golden hour. When entering our medicinal herb garden, one thing gets clear: autumn is here. The light shines through the coloured trees. Most of the blossoms have withered, fallen fruit covers the ground. But while this time may seem calm to us, nature is steadily continuing to work. In her own rhythm.
Even for very dry, itchy skin: Dr. Hauschka MED is 100% natural. Medical care products derived from nature. Our medical care products essentially comprise medicinal plants, natural oils and waxes - and the formulations based on the latest research.
They work hard for us, every day: our hands. That's why it is important that they are protected from the outside world by a strong, healthy skin barrier. Ice Plant Hand Cream from Dr. Hauschka MED provides damaged hands with effective skin care and lasting protection. Naturally, of course.
Für besondere Bedürfnisse. Die Dr. Hauschka MED Akutcreme Potentilla mindert mit dem entzündungshemmende Extrakt aus Potentilla officinalis Juckreiz und beruhigt gerötete Hautpartien sofort. Die Dr. Hauschka MED Produkte aus 100% natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen haben wir zusammen mit Ärzten und Forschungsinstituten für sehr trockene, zu Neurodermitis neigender Haut, entwickelt. For specific needs. Dr. Hauschka MED Potentilla Soothing Cream uses the root extract from the Potentilla officinalis to instantly soothe areas of red, itchy skin. We have developed the Dr. Hauschka MED product range made from 100% natural ingredients together with doctors and research institutes for very dry skin and atopic dermatitis.
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