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Questions about skin care


Which is the right face cream for my skin?

The Dr. Hauschka skin care preparations are attuned to the needs of every skin state. Use them individually or in combination. But remember that the skin is a living and constantly changing organ and that you may have to modify your skin care accordingly.

Revitalising Day Lotion (for normal or dry skin) - a light, activating, moisturising emulsion for men and women which restores the oil and moisture balance of the skin. Revitalising Day Cream is the preferred moisturiser for dry skin. It stimulates production of oil by the sebaceous glands, binds the moisture already present in the skin and thus corrects dry and moisture-depleted skin. (Not suitable for couperose skin prone to broken or dilated capillaries.)

Rose Day Cream (fortifying, protecting day care for reddened, sensitive, moisture depleted skin in need of regeneration) - a rich day cream which promotes regeneration of the epidermis and increases the resilience of skin that is sensitive and prone to blotchiness. It also regulates the oil and moisture balance of the skin. Use Rose Day Cream to give additional protection against environmental influences. It can be applied on top of Moisturising Day Cream, for example.

Rose Day Cream Light (soothing, protecting day cream for dry, moisture-depeleted and sensitive skin) - The many facets of the harmonising and revitalising rose are composed into a smooth, readily absorbed day cream. The result is a moisture-regulating and Regenerating Day Cream for dry, moisture-depleted and sensitive young skin.

Regenerating Day Cream (smoothing, Regenerating Day Cream for mature, demanding skin) - The composition of high-grade plant oils and herbal extracts gives demanding, mature skin the impulse to use its own powers of regeneration. The protecting day cream reduces dryness wrinkles, refines and smoothes the complexion. It supports the toning and form-giving powers of the skin and gives it a radiant, soft and well cared for appearance.

Quince Day Cream (for normal skin) - The action of Quince Day Cream is modelled on nature. It is a light, refreshing, hydrating day care product for men and women, which helps to maintain the skin's balance and keep it healthy.

Melissa Day Cream (for sensitive, combination skin; calms, balances, manages shine): helps balance sensitive, combination skin while reducing the appearance of minor blemishes for a smooth, even complexion. This moisture-rich day cream features extracts of melissa, anthyllis and witch hazel to refine the complexion, soothe skin, control shine and help dry skin retain moisture.

Clarifying Day Oil (regulating daytime skin care for combination, inflamed and large-pored skin): the unique combination of plant extracts regulates the production of excess grease, reduces redness and minimises the appearance of pores. Greasy skin returns to normal. Complementing Clarifying Day Oil with Revitalising Day Cream provides the ideal daytime skin care for combination skin.

Tinted Day Cream (for normal, dry or sensitive skin): the natural Tinted Day Cream offers light coverage to optimally blend with all skin tones for a fresh and radiant glow. It also regulates grease and moisture levels. For particularly dry, dehydrated skin, we recommend applying Revitalising Day Cream before the Tinted Day Cream.

For further guidance, please see our facial care regime.

Which Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products are recommended for men?

As men can have different skin conditions too the recommendations given in the Face Care Plan apply equally to men and women.

After shaving we particularly recommend

  • Facial Toner for normal, dry or sensitive skin
  • Clarifying Toner for skin with a tendency to ingrown beard hairs, inflammation and excessive oiliness
Can I also use Dr. Hauschka skin care products during pregnancy?

Dr. Hauschka products have a supportive effect during pregnancy and have been used safely and effectively for decades.

So you can continue to use your regular face care products. If you notice a change in the state of your skin you should consult your Dr. Hauschka Esthetician for advice.

Particularly suitable body care products are Rose Nurturing Body OilBlackthorn Toning Body Oil and Moor Lavender Calming Body Oil to mention but a few. You can find more information about using our products during pregnancy here.

See also Skin care regime for mothers.

Are there any products which are also suitable for babies?

The products we particularly recommend for babies are:

Is there a special product range for skin problems?

Yes, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care also has an exclusive product range for special skin problems which is available only from Dr. Hauschka Estheticians. The esthetician can make a precise skin diagnosis and give you professional advice. Click here to find a list of Dr. Hauschka Estheticians in your post code area.

I suffer from acne. How should I look after my skin with Dr. Hauschka products?

As acne is a medical disorder you should consult your doctor or pharmacist about this. For addresses of doctors practising anthroposophical medicine please contact:

Anthroposophical Medicine Helpline of the Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany 
(Gesellschaft Anthroposophischer Ärzte in Deutschland)
Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany
Tel. +49 711 777 80 0 
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 12:00
Monday to Thursday 14:00 to 16:00

For blemished, inflamed skin we recommend the following skin care regime:

Cleansing Cream: gentle cleansing for morning and evening. The Cleansing Cream is the basis for successful skin care. Selected herbal extracts in an almond base strengthen the skin. The Cleansing Cream refines the pores, promotes elimination of waste products and clarifies the skin.

Clarifying Toner: regulating basic care product. The special composition of medicinal herbs makes Clarifying Toner an effective skin care product for oily skin prone to blackheads and inflammation. Daily use of the toner also shrinks large pores.

Renewing Night Conditioner: normalising intensive care product (night care). Stimulates the natural skin functions and normalises oil and moisture production, promotes healthy skin renewal.

Clarifying Day Oil: normalising day care product. That regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. The oily extracts help the skin to correct its sebum production. Pores are visibly refined, inflammation subsides and the skin is soothed. Also protects against the effects of the weather.

Clarifying Steam Bath: deep cleansing intensive care product. Stimulates the skin's natural elimination processes, clears clogged pores and soothes blemishes.

Clarifying Clay Mask: clarifying intensive care. Has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes elimination; the deep-cleansing, clarifying action helps remove blackheads and dead skin.

Revitalising Mask: regenerating intensive care product. Reduces inflammation, regenerates, has gently clarifying action.

I suffer from rosacea. How should I look after my skin?

Rosacea is a medical condition. Please ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice. For addresses of doctors practising anthroposophical medicine please contact:

Anthroposophical Medicine Helpline of the Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany
(Gesellschaft Anthroposophischer Ärzte in Deutschland) 
Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany 
Tel. +49 (0)1803-305055 (9 Cent/min)
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 12:00
Monday to Thursday 14:00 to 16:00

Dr. Hauschka Estheticians can also give you advice about the right facial care for this skin condition.