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5 skin care myths - are they true?

Today, we are shedding light on some skin care myths you may be familiar with. From why alcohol can benefit your skin care routine, to the reason everyone with an oily skin condition should have a facial oil in their skin care cabinet.

1. Is alcohol bad for your skin?

Alcohol is often considered to have a negative influence on skin, however at Dr. Hauschka we take a different approach to the ingredient. When sourced in the correct way, and in the right variation, it can have numerous benefits and eliminate the need for synthetic and chemical preservatives - which are a huge “no” when it comes to creating authentic, 100% natural formulas. 

Used in the correct way, in a low percentage, naturally occurring alcohol can have a firming and toning effect on the skin, without drying it out or causing blemishes.


2. Does fragrance cause irritation?

Fragrance in skin care is often synthetic which can lead to irritation, however each of our products unique fragrance is created with 100% natural essential oils. For example our new, best-selling Apricot Day Cream has a fresh, fruity fragrance that was hand composed by our two in-house perfumers, helping to uplift your morning skin care routine with no negative impact on your skin.

3. Can you use facial oils on oily skin? 

Those with oily skin conditions tend to steer clear of facial oils for fear of creating excess oil, however this often has quite the opposite result. Applying an oil such as our Clarifying Day Oil sends a signal to the skin to slow down its own oil production, helping to normalise oil production and restore balance to the skin, as well as refine pores and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

4. Vegan skin care is 100% natural?

The term ‘vegan’ can often be mistaken in the beauty industry to mean a product is more natural and cruelty free however it does not mean free from synthetic ingredients and chemicals that could have a damaging effect on the environment. Here at Dr. Hauschka, we can proudly state we have always been and will forever be 100% natural and cruelty free. Although many of them are, not all of our expert formulations can be vegan because in our eyes, there are certain ingredients for which there is no better alternative to those from nature.

5. Dehydrated skin is the same as dry skin?

It is often thought that a heavy day cream should be used to meet the needs of dehydrated skin, however a lightweight lotion such as our Revitalising Day Lotion can be more effective to restore vitality and hydration to dull, dehydrated skin, providing a ‘sunshine in a bottle’ effect.

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