The Ripple Effect.

Water is precious, which is why at Dr. Hauschka we have been prioritising its purity and preservation for over 50 years. It’s still one of our core concerns. We save water wherever we can, in every process and system. We collect rainwater to irrigate our herb garden and cool our production facilities.

The world now recognises that pollutants, such as household chemicals and microplastics, are an enormous threat to wildlife. Even those elements that are filtered out at treatment stage can end up in an unlovely sludge called ‘biosolids’. If deposited on land, they can enter the soil, rivers, oceans and the food chain.

We are committed to never using mineral oils, parabens, chemical/synthetic preservatives or colours or microplastics. Our surfactants, which render dirt and grease soluble, are biodegradable and water neutral, like all ingredients in our natural products. In fact, we use nothing that we wouldn’t feel comfortable about ending up in a fresh glass of water. To us, it’s as clear as that.

As populations continues to rise, demand for water, especially clean drinking water, is increasing all the time. And a safe supply is vital for all global citizens. But sadly, this isn’t a given in many parts of the world.

We’ve called it The Revitalising Shower Set and it’s presented in a must-keep cotton bag. Nestled within is a 30ml Shampoo and an uplifting 30ml Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk, with the star of the set, a full size enlivening Shower Cream. What’s important is that the mild sugar surfactants in the Shower Cream, which lift grime clean away, are water-neutral, so when you see the light foam whirl away, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that it’s kind to the environment as well as to your skin.

But here’s how the ripple effect works. For every sale, Dr. Hauschka will commit £1 to Just a Drop, a charity that focusses on bringing clean water sources to rural communities across the globe. At present, 785 million people round the world don’t have access to safe water. We’ve seen how Just a Drop’s efforts transform lives. The sanitation and hygiene projects they operate are community-owned, sustainable and monitored for a minimum seven years after completion.

So far, such projects have benefitted 1.7 million people in 32 countries, from boreholes handpumps and rainwater harvesting tanks created in Nakasedhere Village in Uganda to operating a clean, safe water supply via a gravity fed distribution pipeline to the two villages of Sitio Talayob and Bangong in the Philippines. A refreshing way to give others a helping hand.

While Hauschka products seek to preserve pure nature, they also represent moments of pure indulgence. Our silicone-free Shampoo contains apricot kernel oil and medicinal plants, and for the first time, protein-rich chickpea extract to cleanse and condition hair. And with the fresh scent of lemon, bergamot and spearmint, metaphorically, it helps clear your head too. The Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Milk contains quince seed extract, jojoba, sunflower and olive oils to fortify your skin, while its mood-lifting scent puts a spring in your step. And the Shower Cream is full of  precious oils to nourish the skin, all with a heady burst of fresh natural fragrance.

We believe water-neutral products are key for the environment, but they can equate to positive pleasure too. Our hope is this shower set will prove positive for others less fortunate as well, giving pooled resources real meaning.