We Are Water Neutral.

At Dr. Hauschka, we have been prioritising the purity and preservation of water for over 50 years. And it’s still one of our core concerns.

 What does water neutral mean?  


Our water contains a wide variety of pollutants - from household chemicals, to pharmaceuticals and pesticides. The skin care and cosmetics industry plays a large part in this, with every product we use in our daily routine ending up being washed down the drain.

Being water neutral means we are dedicated to making sure our products are created using minimal water, and we never use any ingredients that we woukdn't feel comfortable ending up in a fresh glass of water.

None of our products include harmful mineral oils, parabens, silicones or chemical preservatives that could eventually end up in our oceans or water supply. All our formulations consist solely of 100% natural, water-neutral or biodegradable ingredients that can be gently washed away with no lasting impact.



Discover our ultimate water neutral shower routine.


Shampoo - Our silicone-free shampoo cleanses your scalp and use 100% natural ingredients, including protein-rich chickpea extracts, to nourish your hair and it feeling strengthened and protected.


Conditioner – Our delicate Conditioner is composed with moisture rich ingredients, including neem, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to effectively combat split ends and improve shine and manageability.


Shower Cream - Embodying the enlivening scent of lemongrass and formulated with quince seed extracts to effectively awaken the skin while balancing its delicate moisture levels. Its easy-to-use tube makes it perfect for use on the go and its innovative PCR packaging supports a sustainable shower routine.

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Shampoo 150 ml Shampoo 150 ml
mildly cleanses, moisturises the scalp and hair
Conditioner 150 ml Conditioner 150 ml
promotes silkiness and shine without weighing down the hair
Shower Cream 150 ml Shower Cream 150 ml
gentle, nourishing shower cream with lemon & lemongrass