Your skin is unique

You and your skin cannot be rigidly pigeon-holed. 
You need the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life.
At Dr.Hauschka, we therefore refer to skin conditions, which appear and disappear, rather than fixed skin types.

Find the perfect skin care regime for your skin condition


Skin condition How do I determine my skin condition?
Normal skin Rosy, firm, fine-pored, not sensitive, slightly oily T-zone
Dehydrated, dry skin Fine-pored, low oil content, dehydrated, premature wrinkling, feels tight, dull and lacklustre
Sensitive skin Slightly red, thin skin, may have persistent redness in the cheeks / nose area, visible blood vessels
Sensitive combination skin Slightly red, oily T-zone, large-pored, possibly blemished, dry cheeks
Combination skin Blemished T-zone, large-pored, quickly becomes oily, dry cheeks
Blemished, oily skin Large-pored, quickly becomes oily, blemished
Mature skin Declining elasticity of the skin, wrinkling, increased dryness, thin skin, may have persistent redness in the cheeks / nose area (visible blood vessels), menopause-induced, age spots

Very dry skin, atopic dermatitis

Fine-pored, thin-skinned, lacking in moisture/oil, premature wrinkling, itchy, flaky skin, redness, tendency to become inflamed and develop eczema

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