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Man and nature are inseparably linked for Dr. Hauschka. This responsible self-image is particularly noticeable in the work of the WALA Foundation, which has fully owned the natural cosmetics brand since 1986 and takes the unique approach of only regarding profit as a means to an end.



Text: Lucien Koch
Photography: Anna Hirte

What special attitude is behind Dr. Hauschka cosmetics?

When Dr. Rudolf Hauschka started experimenting with nurturing plant extracts, he broke from the norm. He focussed on man and nature at a time devoted to chemistry and technical solutions. In 1935, Hauschka founded the company WALA in order to follow his own path. Today, his idea is fully on trend: effective natural cosmetics  that do not lose sight of natural connections. As such, Dr. Hauschka is good for both our skin and our planet. And our customers know that they are not only choosing good products, but also a slightly better world.


How did the WALA Foundation come into being and why?

With the clear vision of a world in which founders take on responsibility: with a company that is independent of individual market interests. The solution? Almost a little revolutionary: the idea of converting a company into a Foundation that would own the company. A Foundation whose legal title and capital cannot be inherited and whose profits are used to safeguard the future of the company. This was the concept behind the WALA Foundation established in 1986 as 100% shareholder of WALA Heilmittel GmbH, a company that not only produces WALA Medicines, but also Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics. And one that needs this courage to act in a socially responsible manner.

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"A foundation does not have to jump on every new trend. It follows its conception of people rather than market research."

Wie entstand die WALA Stiftung und warum?

Mit der klaren Vision einer Welt, in der Gründer Verantwortung übernehmen: mit einem Unternehmen, das unabhängig ist von Einzel- und Marktinteressen. Die Lösung? Fast ein wenig revolutionär: die Überlegung, ein Unternehmen in eine Stiftung zu überführen, die das Unternehmen trägt. Eine Stiftung, in der juristische Titel und Kapital nicht vererbt werden können und in der die Gewinne der Zukunftssicherung des Unternehmens dienen. Das ist die Idee der 1986 gegründeten WALA Stiftung, die 100%ige Gesellschafterin der WALA Heilmittel GmbH ist. Dieses Unternehmen stellt nicht nur die WALA Arzneimittel, sondern auch die Dr. Hauschka Naturkosmetik her. Es braucht eben diesen Mut, um gesellschaftlich nachhaltig zu wirken.

How does the WALA Foundation deal with profits?

All profits from WALA Heilmittel GmbH go into the Foundation, which invests them in the further development of the GmbH and its partners around the world. This ensures the high quality of the raw materials and cosmetic products as well as the development of the now around 1,000 employees at the production site in the Swabian Jura Mountains. The Foundation safeguards our independence and the freedom to put the money to good use, for example by establishing value-added partnerships in the countries from which we obtain our natural raw materials.


What does that all mean for Dr. Hauschka customers?

Thin-skinned or thick-skinned, stressed or relaxed: our skin reflects the way we are feeling. This makes caring for it a matter of trust. And you can trust in a company that is focussed on generating customer loyalty rather than a quick profit. That follows objectives that are dictated by civil society rather than shareholders. A Foundation does not have to jump on every new trend. It follows its conception of people rather than market research. Dr. Hauschka may have the WALA Foundation to thank for the fact that our Rose Day Cream has been available on the market for over 50 years. And that we use more than 30 Damask roses to make every tube even though we could still achieve good sales when only using a single flower.