How do we proactively protect our bee colonies at Dr. Hauschka?

We firmly believe that maintaining ecological and environmental balance is essential to maintaining the safety of our planet. And the bees are no exception, in order to protect biodiversity and environmental sustainability we must continue to provide a healthy environment to support the survival of the bee.

What would we do without bees?

We have proudly offered bee colonies a happy and healthy home at our biodynamic herb garden in Eckwälden, Germany since the 1980s. From this time we have researched our bees to ensure we provide them with their optimum living conditions.

All of the beeswax used within our skin care products is created using only ecological beekeeping practices that adhere to strict Bioland and Demeter regulations. This ensure all our bees are given the best care possible and can flourish in a healthy environment that they can call their home.

Why is beeswax an essential ingredient within Dr. Hauschka Skin Care?

Beeswax is a miraculous substance, it gives essential structure to many of our products which means we don’t have to seek a chemical alternative. To produce beeswax honey bees feed on large amounts of nectar and pollen and use the nutritional value obtained to create the substance; a natural extract with an extremely high energy content. As an ingredient, beeswax transfers warming and protective qualities onto the skin. This is an essential quality in many of our products including Hydrating Hand Cream, Lip Care Stick and our best-selling Rose Day Cream. 

Bees need our protection now more than ever.

It is clear that bees need our protection. This is why we have not only biodynamically cultivated our WALA herb garden for 70 years, but also promoted the preservation of biodiversity across our entire company. For example we created a project to plant ancient, almost forgotten varieties of apple tree and other bee loving plants outside of our medicinal herb garden and across our complete head office site in Germany.

Offering a healthy, happy habitat for a beautiful future.

We only mow our meadow twice a year. This gives grasses, herbs and flowers plenty of time to settle and provides nesting places and sources of food for bees, birds and other insects. For this reason we are also very cautious about the harvesting of wild flowers and plants and promote the preservation of wild plants species through traditional and certified ethical wild harvesting. This ensures the natural habitat isn’t disturbed and we aren’t destroying the homes of our magical wildlife. 

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