Introducing a brand we love: Wild Fawn

What you chose to place on your skin is important, from your skin care to the jewellery you wear. You want to know that the products you purchase are caring for both your skin and the planet. To share our love of sustainability, Dr. Hauschka and Wild Fawn have partnered together, celebrating our shared values of creating consciously sourced, premium quality products. As part of our partnership, we spoke with Wild Fawn Founder, Emma Barnes to discuss the brand’s journey to date and how their values align with Dr. Hauschka’s.

Emma, what is your story and what inspired you to create Wild Fawn?

I remember the exact moment when I wanted to start Wild Fawn and it’s when I went into a high street shop 9 years ago to buy a piece of jewellery, and I remember looking at it thinking “who even made this?”. So I went home and bought the tools to make it myself and it was so empowering knowing it was made ethically. From then, I basically got addicted to making jewellery, and taught myself all the skills needed to make what we sell on the Wild Fawn website. I saved up so I could leave my job and grew the brand into what it is today. Our amazing goldsmith Rachel makes all the orders now whilst I work on building the brand but all our jewellery is still made with the same ethos and mission to create 100% guilt-free jewellery that you can wear and know it’s been made with love in-house here in the UK.

What does sustainability mean to you personally, and to Wild Fawn as a brand?

I think there are two ways to view sustainability. Not only is it important to know that the silver and gold is sustainable but also that those who made if have a more than fair wage along with kind and safe working conditions. For example, a lot of jewellery brands have done a U-turn and have started using recycled silver and gold but mention nothing about the working conditions of the people who are actually making the jewellery. The fact that our jewellery is designed in-house, made in-house and sent from the same place is unusual for a jewellery brand but it’s one of our core values to maintain that level of transparency in the process. 

What do you perceive the biggest challenge in your industry to be?

That’s a tricky one because the industry is so huge and there are so many different levels to it. It’s hard to compare large jewellery companies that answer to shareholders to an independent one like Wild Fawn because we work with different models, but I would say for an independent jewellery brand like Wild Fawn, the biggest challenge is communicating the true value and time that goes into making a single piece of jewellery. A lot of customers are used to buying jewellery that’s been made in bulk in factories overseas, whereas being a sustainable and ethical jewellery brand here in the UK means that we have to really show in every part of the business how ethical we are (and with a much smaller marketing budget!!).

Is there one must have item currently listed on the Wild Fawn website?

I’m in love with our new silver ornate oval hook earrings. They’re simple but also have a little bit of ancient Roman jewellery detail and dangle so they really catch the sunlight. They’re in the new collection and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of looking at them.

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What are you most proud of about the Wild Fawn journey so far?

The thing I’m most proud of is the amazing team I have around me. Each and every one brings so much value to the business and are so passionate about the jewellery we make. It’s not seen as just a ‘unit’ that is sold because each piece has a story behind it. We get to hear some really emotional stories about why people are buying jewellery from us and to be a part of our customer’s lives like that is one of the best feelings. 

Any innovations or plans for Wild Fawn that you are happy to share?

We have so many exciting plans coming up and I know everyone always says that but I’m genuinely really looking forward to this year. We’re planning a pop-up in October where people can come and see us and try some Wild Fawn jewellery on and we’ll be showcasing our engagement and wedding ring collections there too, so people can pop in on their lunch break and try on jewellery for their weddings. The location is still being confirmed but we’re going to announce it quite soon.

What do you love about Dr. Hauschka and what excites you about our partnership?

What I really love about Dr. Huschka is the attention that goes into all of the ingredients, it really reminds me of Wild Fawn and how every component makes such a difference to the overall feel of the product for our customers. When you buy something you know that it’s been made with so much thought and consideration, it makes such a huge difference. 

If you are looking to update your jewellery collection with a timeless, ethical piece that will see you through a lifetime, we recommend browsing Wild Fawn sustainably produced offering. 

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