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Product of the Month: Shower Cream.

Our latest collection of limited edition products highlight the beauty of ethical sourcing and benefits of organic avocado oil. That’s why we’ve chosen this sustainability hero as our product of the month.

Shower Cream

One of our best-sellers in body care, Shower Cream is celebrated for its numerous environmental benefits. Its 100% water-neutral formula contains plant-based cleansers, which work to effectively cleanse the skin, without impacting the environment. The product packaging also ensures sustainability, as it is made from a combination of valuable post-consumer recycled materials.

Not only does this hero product care for the environment, but also for your skin. The formula of high-quality natural ingredients with pure essential oils combines gentle care with invigorating freshness, protecting and purifying the skin while providing lasting nourishment. The lemon and lemongrass scent is both invigorating and uplifting to help brighten your day.

Good for the skin, better for the world

This month, we are celebrating our organically sourced avocado oil, a key ingredient in Shower Cream.

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