Pure nature

True excellence: The NATRUE label.

Natural cosmetics are in vogue. But how natural actually are they? And which of the many labels can we trust? To simplify matters, Dr. Hauschka co-founded the NATRUE label. We value this label’s high standards, concrete specifications and independent quality control. Because we value you and nature. Just as we have since 1967.

NATRUE is an international quality seal that is dedicated to the worldwide protection and promotion of natural and organic cosmetics. Founded in 2007 by the largest producers of authentic natural and organic cosmetics – including Dr. Hauschka – NATRUE now has over 60 members in 30 countries. To date, more than 6,300 products have been awarded the independent NATRUE label.


Trust, but verify

An independent auditor visits us once a year to ensure that Dr. Hauschka is allowed to continue using the NATRUE label. This auditor inspects the entire building, including supplier documents and product formulations. This enables him or her to check how much of which raw material is used in which product.


No room for greenwashing.

To obtain the NATRUE label, at least 75 % of a company’s product line must meet NATRUE requirements. You can find a list of these requirements on natrue.org. This ensures there is zero risk of greenwashing. And it’s certainly not a problem for us, as the entire range of Dr. Hauschka cosmetics is 100 % natural.


Natural or organic?

NATRUE divides its certified products into three categories: Natural cosmetics, natural cosmetics with an organic content of at least 70 % (NATRUE will gradually eliminate this level of certification by 2023), and organic cosmetics with an organic content of at least 95 %. This helps customers know exactly where they stand. As does NATRUE’s transparent communication via its website.


No synthetics needed.

Our products are free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. We also do without silicones, mineral oils and genetically modified raw materials. Our products, all of which bear the NATRUE label, are proof of just how effective pure nature can be.


Our toughest inspectors …

… are ourselves. Whenever we develop a new product, our scientists first test all the ingredients for purity, quality, compatibility and legal conformity. We only use natural ingredients, preferably in Demeter quality and obtained via fair trade. And that’s a promise.