Seeing nature through different eyes.

We are dedicated plant nerds. Nature is our muse, our teacher, our role model. We give our plants time to develop naturally, because we want to understand nature’s secrets. And we give ourselves time to use this knowledge to create effective natural cosmetics. Marek Bunse, a phytochemist and one of our researchers, shares a different view of research and cosmetics. A different view on cosmetics.

For us, cosmetics and science go hand in hand.

We could use a variety of synthetic substances to produce effective products, but we make a conscious choice to use natural substances. Because, in my opinion, nature can meet almost all our skin’s needs. For us, cosmetics and science go hand in hand. One of our research areas is medicinal plant components, which we then integrate as effectively as possible into a cream or lotion, for example. This way, we develop cosmetic products that not only address superficial appearance, but that effectively nourish or stimulate.

Our cosmetics do not overwhelm the skin; they give it impulses.

One of my colleagues put it well: Our cosmetics encourage the skin to get moving again, to become active. We support the skin in finding its own balance. The overarching theme of my doctoral thesis, for example, is rose plants. All roses are high in tannins. These tannins have antimicrobial properties that help the plant protect itself from disease. We can use this knowledge in cosmetics by investigating whether these tannins can also help acne-prone skin rediscover a healthy balance.


Research and science take time. So we give ourselves that time.

We cannot produce results overnight. Our highly sensitive analytical equipment is specially adapted to each plant, each substance profile, each new raw material. We try things and learn from our failures until we have methods that deliver results. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, this requires a great deal of curiosity, humility and patience. At the end of the day, we researchers are also problem solvers. We have to prove efficacy or work out the combination of ingredients that delivers the most effective results. This way, we end up creating products that stay on the market for a long time. Because that, too, is sustainability.