Skin care concept

Men’s skin? We don’t differentiate.

That’s why we have one facial care range suitable for everyone. Because we look at the person as a whole, regardless of gender identity. From the very beginning, we’ve focussed on skin condition over any other physical characteristics. And that makes us pioneers of gender-neutral skin care since 1967.

Beautiful as you are.

Who says women shouldn’t have wrinkles or men don’t have sensitive skin? We have never conformed to traditional beauty norms. We care about helping people feel good in their own skin. Because when you feel healthy and confident, it radiates outwards. That’s our definition of beauty.


Do men even need facial care?
And if they do, why don’t we have a range of skin care products specifically for men?

Many men splash their face with water in the mornings and consider the job done. Is that enough? Or do men need a facial care routine? Our answer is: yes, men need facial care too. But that has nothing to do with gender. Because we look at the person as a whole, regardless of gender identity. And what we’ve found is: skin is skin. That’s why our products are based on skin condition. And that’s the reason why we purposely don’t have a facial care range specifically for men, unlike other brands.


Skin conditions rather than skin types.

Every person is unique. And you and your skin can’t be put in a box. That’s why we talk about skin conditions instead of fixed skin types – because skin condition can change depending on the season, the time of day, the place and the phase of life. And that’s the same for all of us.


It’s not facial care for men, it’s facial care for your skin condition.

Just as external factors can result in blocked pores for women, it’s the same for men. Blemished skin needs special care that restores balance and harmony. Dry skin needs protection and moisture, while combination skin needs balanced skin care. And demanding skin needs rich, regenerating skin care, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. Dr. Hauschka has a skin care plan for your individual skin condition. Find out more and discover the right skin care plan for you at our online skin test.


Special requirements.

Do your facial skin care needs differ depending on whether or not you have a beard? Even though we purposefully don’t have a special skin care line for men, we understand that skin irritation after shaving can happen. And when it does, sensitive male skin needs the soothing and refreshing care found in Dr. Hauschka’s Facial Toner. If you tend to get small ingrown facial hairs, inflamed skin or oily skin, our Clarifying Toner is just right for you. Many women also use our facial toners as part of their morning skin care routine. And the same goes for one of our facial cleansers – our invigorating and purifying Cleansing Cream. Face cream for men? Our balancing Quince Day Cream is a favourite product of many of our customers. But the decisive factor when choosing the most suitable day cream for you is your skin condition.


Medicinal plants for people.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care helps people keep themselves and their skin healthy and beautiful. To do that, we use the healing power of nature. The unique properties of each individual medicinal plant contribute something special to our cosmetic products. And whether it’s acerola berry or witch hazel, our medicinal plants remain just as effective regardless of who’s using the product. And that’s a promise.

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