Care for what you love

Why we work the field together. And all that grows out of it.

We are different. Not only because our skin care products are powered by plants, but also because of the single idea behind everything we do: be mindful of others. This mantra starts small but makes a big difference – and it all began with Dr Rudolf Hauschka, who experimented with plant extracts while always keeping the whole person, the whole world, in mind.

We remain convinced today that everything is connected, that we need to treat nature with care. But also that we are better together. For us, mindfulness means being aware of how we interact with others: openly, in close proximity and on an equal footing. It means touching and changing the world. It means shaping the future by forming connections. We are therefore always asking ourselves: How can we use our natural skin care to support you? What care does your skin want? What do you need for your own self-care routine?

This mindset is also apparent in the way we work and organise ourselves: as part of the WALA Foundation, we don’t have to answer to any owners. Our foundation likes to develop, promote and allow to flourish – and this applies to its partners all over the world as well as to the approximately 1,000 employees at our site in Bad Boll. We believe that what is good for the individual is good for the whole. Success that benefits everyone. And what does this require? The willingness to reach out to each other, to learn from one another, to speak plainly. And the passion to stand up for what is close to one’s heart. Because living, breathing relationships are important to us, we make connections, network, inspire and get inspired wherever we can. By teaming up with universities and sharing research results. By entering into collaborations with people and projects that share our values. And, naturally, by working together at Bad Boll. We see ourselves as a team for whom our work is more than just a job. What does that mean in concrete terms? We greet each other by name and make time for one another. Those who want to can practise eurythmy together. And in summer, when the calendula blooms in the fields, employees in marketing and sales also pitch in with the harvest. Because mutual support and a relationship with our medicinal plants, which form the basis of our work, are essential to us.

For our partnerships worldwide, our mindful approach means that we cultivate trade relationships built on mutual trust. We promote organic farming and fund it with interest- free loans. We place importance on good working conditions, fair wages and social standards. We help our partners develop further and achieve economic stability, so they can operate independently of us – sustainably and over the long term. For us, this is progress that makes a difference.

There is a phrase that perfectly describes the way we see relationships: The most important person is always the person facing you right now. We find this a wonderful, strong and inspiring idea. Do you?