Skin care concept

A house that never stands still.

Alongside the plant lab, the cosmetics house in Eckwälden is the soul of Dr. Hauschka. It serves as a training centre, a beauty studio and a wellness studio all under one roof. Dr. Hauschka estheticians and make-up artists receive their training here, and employees take part in make-up and skin care workshops. Their job involves taking care of people and the house – both inside and out.

A visit to the Dr. Hauschka cosmetic house is like a holiday. Among the paddocks, woods, and medicinal herb garden, visitors have a real sense of welcoming. The house at Roßauchert 2 was once home to Dr. Hauschka chemist, Reinhard Schoppmann. Today, wooden floors, colourful walls, cosmetic loungers, a bright and airy lounge, and the cafeteria with its large mirror all give the house its distinct character. Nature breathes life into every corner. Every material has been specially selected to pamper the skin. Dr. Hauschka products, cosy blankets, and towels are laid out in preparation for relaxing beauty treatments. The windows offer a spectacular view of the greenery, meadows, forest and flower gardens scattered throughout the neighbourhood, creating an atmosphere that's ideal for soaking up the peace and quiet. The perfect setting for our treatments.


Come in and let go.

Mindfulness and self reflection are integral to Dr. Hauschka beauty treatments. To enhance the sense of touch, we carry out all treatments without music or other outside stimuli. The only sounds to be heard are the soft crack of a vial being broken open, the gentle click of a lid being unscrewed from a pot of cream, or water dripping down from one of our Organic Muslin Compresses that’s been hung out to dry. The atmosphere of the house and its environment changes everything. Once you set foot in the door, you forget about all the stresses of everyday life.