Skin care concept

Dr. Hauschka's Skin Care Definitions.

Here at Dr. Hauschka, we understand the beauty industry is full of terms and phrases that can be confusing to understand. That is why we wanted to break down and define some of the key phrases we use throughout our website and social media channels, to help ensure our customers always understand the knowledge we aim to share. Let us call it your Dr. Hauschka Dictionary -


NATRUE is an international quality seal for natural and organic cosmetics. It helps customers in shops identify authentic natural cosmetics as the term ‘natural cosmetics’ alone is neither protected nor precisely defined by law. The NATRUE certification aims to provide clarity and give consumers confidence in the products they are buying from an increasingly crowded market. At present, every Dr. Hauschka product is NATRUE certified. This means you can buy them with confidence and trust that only the best 100% natural ingredients and truly ethic production methods are used in their creation process.


An alternative form of agriculture created by Doctor Rudolf Steiner. Initially developed in 1924, it is a unified and holistic approach to agriculture by considering the interconnectedness of the soil, the plants, animals, the earth and even the entire cosmos as a living system, and excludes the use of all artificial pesticides.

100% Natural Skin Care

 This refers to when every single ingredient within the products are derived from nature, this excludes any artificial fragrances, silicones, dyes or preservatives, meaning these products bring no harm to our planet when you use them. All of plant-based ingredients used within our skin care are inherently biodegradable and the same applies to our ethically sourced animal ingredients; such as honey and beeswax.


 The common definition of vegan skin care is a product that does not contain any ingredients derived from animals or animal byproducts. Here at Dr. Hauschka we are honest and open with the information that not all of our products are vegan, because we deliberately use ingredients from all kingdoms of nature. Mineral oils and silicones - neither of which appear in our products - are vegan ingredients. They are also chemical ingredients that can have a lasting impact on the environment and our eco-systems. For this reason, we recommend closely investigating the ingredients of cosmetics labelled as vegan before incorporating them into your 100% natural skin care routine.