Fiona H.
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May 2022

Lovely protective kohl formulation for daily use.

Lovely protective kohl formulation for daily use, however it might be nicer in a more traditional type of applicator (in a lipstick-type container).

May 2022

Improved volume and manageability for fine flyaway hair.

Regular use of this delightfully fragrant and healthful Hair Tonic has resulted in improved volume and manageability for my fine flyaway hair, with the added benefit of the divine uplifting botanical fragrance - it is pure aromatherapy like all the Dr Hauschka products.

May 2022

Light, fragrant, deeply conditioning, maintains healthy hair

I have used this luxuriously fragrant and deeply conditioning Hair Oil once a week to maintain healthy hair. It is light enough to shampoo out easily after a few hours or overnight, adding volume, shine and manageability to tame my fine flyaway hair. Also protects occasional highlights with effective moisturising and conditioning. Lasting effect even after inbetween shampoos.

May 2022

Sublime fragrance, lasts all day.

Sage mint deodorant fragrance is sublime, lasts all day. Bought for a family member and I was like "hey what's that exquisite expensive-smelling cologne or after shave he has on"? Ah, it's the Dr Hauschka sage mint divine roll on! I now buy the sage mint for myself as well. Lovely gentle botanical product for sensitive underarms.